In my bag.

I love beauty products! What girl doesn't? When I opened up my medicine cabinet last week, I noticed I have a huge assortment of different hair and skin products. Ek!  It was time to detox. It was time to get rid of things I've tried only a couple times, and start sticking to the basics. I have fine, blonde hair that needs extra conditioning. I have super sensitive skin that needs extra special care.

Here's a list of my favorite products and what survived my beauty cleanse!


Starting with hair: 

You guys, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE PRODUCTS. If you haven't tried the new Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste line, then you need to. It's amazing. It's sent from heaven. My hair feels completely smooth and silky without any frizz! I truly believe I will be using this line for the rest of my life. Call and book a blowout at one of our Duncan Brothers locations! You will soon understand my excitement and love for this product. 

And then there's this amazing, life saving product, Initialiste. I am a blonde. I like big hair. Therefore, I had breakage around my crown. Never a good sign, and never cute. I have put down the teasing comb and I am in the process of growing back my sad baby hairs. This product is like fertilizer for your scalp. I have been using it for over a month and can already tell a huge difference in my hair growth. Anyone wanting to know the secret to fast growing hair? It's regular trims, proper nutrition, and Initialiste. Boom.

With skin care, I have to be suuppper careful or my face will breakout like no other. I am obsessed with Bioderma's Crealine to take my makeup off. It's so gentle and removes my makeup immaculately. After that, I load up my Clarisonic cashmere brush with Yes to Carrots facial cream. I bought the carrots cream on a trip and fell in love with it. It's the perfect texture and consistency for my delicate skin. The Clarisonic is fabulous and my face always feels squeaky clean. 

Josie Maran's Whipped Argan Oil is available at Sephora and smells ammaazing! All of her products are loaded with argan oil which makes them oh so moisturizing! I can't stop rubbing this lotion over my arms and legs before I go to bed! So good. 

I recently tried a sample of La Mer's broad spectrum sunscreen and can't get enough of it. But it's super pricey. But your skins worth it, right? Protect your skin! 


So while I am protecting my skin from the sun, I still want a sun kissed glow. So I turn to my favorite sunless tanner, James Read. I love anything with gold and white stripes on the package, but my tan is nothing but  smooth and even. It smells amazing too! 

Makeup is a whole different story. I have way too much to write about. But if I was stranded on a desert island, these would be my three products I couldn't live without. 

Maybelline's Falsies Mascara in black, Sephora's Retractable Eyeliner in black, and Mac's Bronzing Powder in golden. I cannot and I repeat CANNOT live without eyeliner, mascara and bronzer. I look ill and unhealthy if I do not wear them. 

So those are my beauty products. I have trimmed down my cabinet and I am learning to start packing light! 


What are your favorite beauty products?