financial aid

Federal student aid is available for those that qualify.

Students submit your FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the 2014-2015 award year, where Pell grants and low interest rate loans will be available to students that qualify.

**Enter The Academy of Hair Design School Code on your application: 041444

Financial Aid through VA Benefits for those who qualify

Each student must send an application for education benefits to VA so we can determine his or her eligibility to receive education benefits. Students can send these applications online through GIBILL.  

The Academy of Hair Design is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.

Student Loans are available through SLM Financial, a Sallie Mae company.

Loans are granted based on individual credit ratings with co-signing as an option. Twelve month deferral is available with the commitment to pay only $10 a month. Applicants may also apply for a loan of up to $6000 in additional living expenses.

The Academy also has financial aid through the United Urban Indian Council for those that qualify.

Proof of Indian descent and other documents will need to be provided when applying.

For more information or to make an appointment to apply, please call our offices at 405.842.2031 or e-mail

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Success Rate:

Completion Rate: 53%

Placement Rate: 84%

Licensure Rate: 75%


Satisfactory Academic Report

1.    SAP is evaluated at the following evaluation period:

Cosmetology 450, 900 & 1200 scheduled hours.

A minimum grade of 80% is required to maintain satisfactory progress.  The qualitative element used to determine academic progress is a reasonable system of grades as determined by assigned theory study.  Theory is evaluated after each unit of study.  Students must maintain a cumulative theory grade average of at least 80% and pass a final written exam prior to graduation. Students must make up failed or missed tests and incomplete assignments. Practical skills performances are counted toward course completion only when considered satisfactory or better.  If the performance does not meet satisfactory requirements it is not counted and the performance must be repeated.  Numerical grades are given on the following scale:


                 96% to 100%      Excellent

                 90% to 95%        Very Good

                 85% to 89%        Exceeds Minimum Standards 

                 80% to 84%        Satisfactory

                 Below 80%         Needs Improvement; Does Not Meet Standards


2.    Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the hours possible based on the applicable attendance scheduled in order to be considered maintaining satisfactory attendance progress.  Evaluations are conducted at the end of each


3.    Evaluation period to determine if the student has met the minimum requirements.  The attendance percentage is determined by dividing the total hours accrued by the total number of hours scheduled.  At the end of each evaluation period, the school will determine if the student has maintained at least 80% cumulative attendance since the beginning of the course which indicated that, given the same attendance rate, the student will graduate within the maximum time frame allowed.


4.    Complete the course within a maximum time frame agreed to in the Enrollment Agreement.


5.    Students meeting the minimum requirements for attendance and academic progress at any evaluation point will be considered to be meeting SAP until the next progress reporting period.

In accordance with federal regulations, when Title IV financial aid is involved, the calculated amount of the R2T4 Funds is allocated in the following order: Unsubsidized FFELP loans, Subsidized FFELP loans, Unsubsidized Direct Loans, Subsidized Direct Loans, Federal PLUS loans, Direct PLUSloans followed by Federal Pell Grants. The calculation steps are outlined in the following example:


Calculating Return Example

1.  Calculate the percentage of Title IV aid earned by the student by taking the hours scheduled to complete in the payment period, divided by the total hours in the payment period (excluding breaks of 5 days or more AND days the student was on an approved LOA)

210 (scheduled hours)  =  46.6% (% of payment period)
    450 (total hours)

2.  Calculate the amount of Title IV aid earned by the student by multiplying the percentage of Title IV aid earned times the total of the Title IV aid disbursed plus the Title IV aid that could have been disbursed for the payment period.

46.6 % X $2,805 = $1,307.13 (Amount of aid earned by student)

3.  If this amount is greater than the total Title IV aid disbursed for the payment period, a Post-Withdrawal Disbursement will be calculated; if the amount is less than the amount of Title IV aid disbursed, the difference will be returned to the Department of Education.