Goldwell Avante Garde Photoshoot


Fashions come and go but a strong foundation in the craft will stand the test of time. At The Academy of Hair Design we prepare you for a career in the real world. For this reason, hands on learning with male and female clients are a key point of our training.

The Basic Cosmetology course begins with the Oklahoma State Board requirements and is designed to develop and inspire students in the areas of:

Pure Forms Cutting and Finishing Method

Goldwell Coloring

American Crew Barbering Techniques 

Styling and Up-styling 


With Prosper U we want you to love what you do and make money doing it! 

Gone are the days a good haircut or facial are all that matter. To be successful in this industry, you need in-depth business training to prepare you for a prosperous future. At the Academy of Hair Design, all future professionals learn the Prosper U Business Training Program.

Prosper U is an innovative, hands-on, results-driven curriculum that contains information, scripts and systems in four easy-to-follow modules, that will teach you how to:

  • Build a salon/spa culture that is appealing to guests
  • Develop your own personal practices for success
  • Win over guests to keep them coming back
  • Perfect "Legendary Customer Service"
  • Utilize every moment with clients to build loyalty
  • Earn the big bucks $$$
  • Leverage your daily schedule for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Create a career path for achieving greatness

Prosper U is the newest, most inspiring, proven to work business curriculum written by Eric Fisher, multi-award winning stylist and founder of Eric Fisher Salons and Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita Kansas. Prosper U includes all the tools that has made him a success in this industry. The business training program will put you on the fast track to self-confidence and success! It contains insights from experts in private and public education fields.

This program is easy to learn, fun, engaging and best yet, it has been proven in REAL salons. You will learn best business practices including retailing, retention, rebooking, building great relationships, how to gain referrals and how to increase your average ticket.

Celebrity Guest Artists

This one is a student favorite!! The Academy of Hair Design, being dedicated and committed to teaching and staying true to the methods of Goldwell, KMS, Aquage, American Crew and Prosper U, has earned a reputation of excellence and is rewarded by these companies several times a year by bringing in the industries best Celebrity Guest Artists! These artists work all over the globe and have won or been nominated for top awards. Some guests include, Rebecca Hiele, Goldwell US, Daniel Rubin, Goldwell US, Shawna Parvin, Goldwell US, Simon Miller, KMS California, Sonna Brado, KMS California, Helen Feeney, American Crew, James Ryder, Ryder Make-up Labs and many more.  These artists perform demos, teach in the classroom and even work with you on the student salon floor.


To enhance your education, you will receive an iPad in your Cosmetology Student Kit. The iPad is used to build your portfolio, photograph your work and can be used in the classroom to take notes and study for the State Board Test. At the Academy of Hair Design, we utilize the latest technology to provide you with a cutting edge education!


For those seeking to advance their education and become a licensed Master Instructor, our instructor  course is an advanced level cosmetology program designed to further the students’ knowledge of hair design and develop educating skills. Basic Cosmetology license is required.