Client Testimonials:


April Prentice reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

May 13 at 4:51pm · 

This was a wonderful experience!! I have had bad experiences at hair schools before and I am very picky about my hair. Kamber was incredible!! She did a wonderful job on my hair and was friendly to boot! We laughed a lot! One of the things that bothers me about most places is the gossip and there was none of that! Everyone was friendly and smiled and acted like they genuinely liked one another. I met 2 instructors as well! They were both great and the one that helped us was very complimentary and personable. He was an excellent teacher as well, talking with authority to the student but also with respect. This was hands down the best experience I have ever had getting my hair done! And I absolutely love my hair!!! Great job AOHD!! Keep up the good work!!

Pamela Randall reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

May 14 at 6:54pm · 

I've been going there for about 12 years. Love, love, love them. Especially the teacher, Joe. He is a fabulous designer and knows all about cutting hair. Amber is my newest stylist and she is very good plus a delight!!

Sheila Guffey reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

May 9 at 1:00pm · 

I go here for my cuts and color and absolutely love it. The instructors and students are great and I save so much money. I've always had a positive experience and have been going for over a year. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Julie Crahan Griffin reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

February 12 · 

I've been coming to The Academy of Hair Design since it opened its doors... my whole family does! I always get the latest and greatest in hair design and care. The students and instructors are highly qualified and truly take care of their clients wants and needs. I am always asked who does my hair and I say proudly that I go to The Academy if Hair Design. I highly recommend to everyone I know!

Samantha Wright

a week ago-

I love going to schools to get my hair done, and I have gone to several. This place, however is absolutely amazing. It's super cheap and professional, and everyone was so nice. I think the girl who did my hair was named Tatum? She was so sweet and nice and did an amazing job. I will definitely be returning for all of my hair services.


Travis Cambell

7 months ago

I absolutely loved this place. The professionalism from the staff and students was incredible. I was impressed at the knowledge and confidence the students portrayed and how the instructors were readily available and extremely helpful to ...More

Brittany Brown-Clemons

7 months ago

This place is top notch! Great service at an affordable price. Definitely going back to see Joe and his students!!

amy yousey

8 months ago

I love the ACADEMY! The team always listens to my feedback and gives me the look I want. AND...they even did my Halloween makeup and extensions last year for Halloween. I loved being Elphaba because of the look the Academy created for me.



sheryl bauman

8 months ago

I have been going to the OKC Academy of Hair Design for 3 years and my hair has never looked better! The students are very professional and highly trained with adequate supervision to ensure clients receive the best of services. The color ...More


June 18, 2015 · 

This is where I had my hair transformation. My daughter Jennifer Lynn Ouellette with guidance from her instructors gave me a cut that is so refreshing and healthy. I encourage everyone to go there. The price is unbeatable and the professional instructions is as good if not better than your salons. Ask for Jennifer Ouellette to get top quality styles.


Rhonda Hollis reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

April 28 at 10:27am · 

Very professional, manager watch's closely and will make sure you are happy with the results that the student has done

Christy Coleman Whitfield reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 4 star

February 27 · 

Great prices for highlights and they do a good job!!

Nikita Hill reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

March 2 · 

17 years i have been going to AHD. That should tell you something.

Jaid Owens

8 months ago

I have loved being a customer! Jenna always does an amazing job, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for quality hair care.

Betsy Burton Felton reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

September 29, 2016 · 

Love coming to a place where I can receive the latest in hair care & design! The students are getting the best instruction...learning the latest technologies for whatever your hair might need!!! I needed help with color...covering those ol' gray roots, so no one will know how very old I am!!! The Academy of Hair Design solved that problem beautifully! I love getting to know the students & their instructors...lots of great conversations!!! And, thankfully, I can afford to come here! Their prices are very reasonable!!! Hair design is truly an art, & I'm blessed to have found the Academy of Hair Design!!!

Franceen Brown McClendon reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

August 10, 2016 · 

Great cut and color. Saves me big buck compared to other salons. Love the Gold well line

Julie Newton

I've been going to Tori Orgill for the last few months and she has done a fabulous job with my hair. Highlights, lowl...Jul 7, 2015

Tonya Michelle Fritchman reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

August 19, 2014 · 

What a great group of people, they couldnt make u feel more welcome and listen when you ask questions or when your explaining what you want and do there best to make it happen. So awesome and hard to find. Thank you yall

Eldon Passey

Tori Orgill is an awesome student. She cut my wife's & 5 kids hair; everyone looks spectacular! Thanks! Jul 2, 2015

Melissa Burr

I was super impressed with The Academy of Hair Design and with my stylist, Tori Orgill. She listened to what I wanted...Jul 1, 2015

Kristen Gowen

Tori Orgill was so fun, patient, great at what she does!! Jul 1, 2015

Andy Schneider

The service from Tori was amazing. Love my new hair style and color!! Can't wait to continue to go to her. -Angie

Sarah Bushman

Jul 1, 2015

I visited yesterday and had Tori Orgill as my stylist. I had highlights and lowlights done and a hair cut. She gave great advice on what colors would work best for my hair, and did exactly what I wanted. I LOVE my hair. The color is perfect and the trim didn't make me lose my length, just cleaned it up. Perfection!!!

Kim Myers reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

October 22, 2015 · 

The kids work very hard to do your hair right. I've never had a bad cut yet


I absolutely LOVE AOHD! I've been coming here since 2006 and always leave happy!

Student Testimonials:



Chelle Sands

a year ago

I've already been here a month & have learned so much than the old Cosmo school I was in 2 years ago, I was there for a year & didn't know the basics of layering, & now within the first week I know how to cut women's hair and I'm so happy!! ...More

Jessica Jones

8 months ago

I loved attending this school! I learned so much and I truly believe I was taught by the best!


Chancey Elisabeth Waddle reviewed Academy of Hair Design.

There is no doubt in my mind that the reason I've been successful so early in my career is because of the Academy. The instructors don't only teach you the techniques that are going to take you far and set you apart from the people sitting next to you in the salon, but the small things like customer service, how to properly give a consultation, up servicing, product sales, and overall appearance, things that normally get shrugged off that are super important! Highly recommend the Academy of Hair Design to anyone looking into the hair industry!


Seth Carey

I am a student of Aohd and I absolutely love it here! Shout outs to the instructors, Joe, Jenna, Tara, and Jeffrey. Aohd has given me the best education. Very relevant and leading edge. I feel very blessed to have been able to attend this school. I am very confident in my skills and I love doing hair! Sethro Lieland~

Jennifer Rollans

Love to be apart of the academy family learning something new everyday. With the help of the schools amazing instructors. A special thank you to all my client's giving me your time to show you how talented I am . for those who haven't been to the Academy of hair Design we would love to meet you!!!!! First time clients receive 50% off your first highiest service just ask for Jennifer R tell the lovely ladies at the front I referred you! See ya soon :)

Justin Wright

I absolutely love the Academy Of Hair Design I will never forget that starting completely over and doing hair school the 2nd time will completely change the starting point of my career and my future in the hair industry. and also been given the opportunity of getting to work at Duncan Bros. Salon!:))). If you are someone interested in getting a service done or curious about this school I highly recommend both!!!! because the education is TOP NOTCH!! they make you prepared to be in the working environment as a stylist and having you leave the school knowing how to cut!! and color hair and being prepared for state board. the other best thing about this school is that you are guided 100% of the way when you have clients to just working on a mannequin your never alone and clients are left happy and fully satisfied every time. The students!!!! and the instructors!!!!! are so amazing it feels like you are part of huge family when your part of this school:))

Kari norrid

Jun 17, 2015

I attended and graduated from the academy in 2009. Going to this school was one of the best decisions of my life! The knowledge that was shared with me will be treasured forever. I feel like the things i was taught prepared me for the real salon world and i always felt comfortable, even when i made mistakes. The instructors are so invested in the well being of the students and genuinely care about their success in this industry. One of the things i loved the most is that all the work being done by students is supervised, so as a student, you will never be alone and nervous, and as a client, you can always rest assured that you will end up with a great result.

CiCi Ducky

I am currently a student at the Academy of Hair Design. I graduate soon, and I have enjoyed my experience at this school! I have learned so much in so little time! The instructors and staff are easy going and really encouraging!! :)

Jennifer Ouellette

This is amazing school and the instructors are amazing. When I first came to the school for a tour I already felt like this is where I wanted to be. I have been here since January and have already learned so muxh.

Brittaney Smith

I'm currently a student at AOHD and I've loved my entire experience! The instructors are all very attentive and have so much knowledge to share! If you're considering cosmetology school, I'd definitely take a tour of the school and check out all we have to offer!


"My experience at the AOHD was nothing short of excellent! My sister and I attended the cosmetology course together and we consider our selves very fortunate to have done so!  We had toured other area schools and found AOHD to be the most professional and welcoming environment. We knew right away the this was the best place to begin our adventure! We were not only equipped with the physical tools to begin learning our craft but also equipped with the mental and business tools to build a successful career that would withstand the test of time. The staff and instructors are incredible! Leading by example in all that they taught us, by daily giving their very best in all that they did and encouraged and inspired us to do the same. They know that the future of our industry rests on who they are instructing and building up it's something they didn't take lightly. From the moment we walked in the door for our first tour to the moment we left for the last time on graduation day we were treated as budding professionals. We felt confident and prepared and were eager to greet the world of hair design with the best education to back us! Thank you AOHD!"  

Hannah Goodman  


"I attended the Academy of Hair Design in 2010, and started my career in hairdressing as soon as I graduated. I couldn't imagine that in such a short time I would feel so adequately prepared to start working with clients on my own, but I truly was. I still find myself regularly referring to notes and materials I gathered from my experiences at the Academy when working with clients four years later. I feel incredibly blessed to have received such an amazing education. Being a hairdresser has not only been fun, but has provided me the opportunity to make a great living on my own terms. I have my time at the Academy of Hair Design to thank for the success that I'm enjoying now."

Michael Anderson



"I started my education in 2002 at local barber school and life happened and I never finished.  I became a student at AOHD in 2013 and have enjoyed every minute!  I'm grateful for all the instructors for not only teaching the basic skills of cutting and coloring, but for going above and beyond to making each cut and color perfect for each client.  AOHD also teaches business classes to prepare us for what to expect in the salon world, how to prepare, and how to treat our clientele.  I highly recommend  AOHD to anyone wanting a career in the hair industry!"

Mary McClure


"I attended AOHD for advanced and continued education after I moved here from Tulsa, OK. The educators are amazing and very knowledgeable about to industry! This industry is always changing and they are always ahead of the curve!"

Elyssa Jones

Tori Orgill

a year ago-

I have been a student at the Academy of Hair Design since last October. Taking the plunge from a stay-at-home mom to full time cosmetology student was pretty scary. The Academy Of Hair Design has totally made this transition worth it! The instructors are incredible. They work hard to create an inviting and inclusive learning environment. They work hard to teach each skill until every student completely understands. They work hard to ensure they are turning out amazing stylists. The education I am receiving here is top notch and will carry me throughout my entire career as a stylist. I highly recommend the Academy of Hair Design to anyone young or old who is looking for an education in cosmetology!


"I transferred from a local vo-tech to AOHD and it was like night and day. AOHD has taught me so much and has brought so many opportunities into my life.  I left AOHD feeling confident and prepared for hair dressing world! With learning Prosper U and having a Creative Director teaching us new techniques every Wednesday, it doesn't get better than this. Everyone from students to faculty are more than accommodating. I loved every minute I was in school at AOHD. " 

Jessica Flowers

Tori Hood reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

January 9, 2015 · 

I graduated from there a little over 5 years ago. I have a great career and now own my own salon. I believe I got a great education and foundation for my career! Highly recommend this school!

Kelly Knox reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

October 2, 2014 · 

The academy is a great place to embark on your hair education. The instructors are well educated and make learning fun.


"I Love this school.!!!! I actually can't wait to get up in the mornings and come to school. Amazing instructors."

Aubrey Shorr


"I graduated from there a little over 5 years ago. I have a great career and now own my own salon. I believe I got a great education and foundation for my career! Highly recommend this school!"

Tori Maynard


"It's a very fun and laid back environment. Makes me feel at home! I still have a lot to learn, but the instructors help me stay positive. :)"

Ciara Castles


Tamea Crenshaw reviewed Academy of Hair Design — 5 star

March 19, 2016 · 

This school is incredible! The instructors are so great and friendly and really make it a point to get to know you on a personal level. Wouldn't wanna be anywhere else!


"Such a great school for anyone looking to do hair!!!! I have loved every minute and I have met the best people."

Holly Briscoe


"Amazing instructors, and the best place to learn hair! Everyone is very friendly and learning is not only a breeze, but it's fun as well!"

Amanda Thurman-Paine


"Love going to school here..teachers are awesome....can't wait to finish up and start my career.."

Charity McCall


"The best teaching our future best! Awesome education! Extremely experienced instructors that take the time to make sure the students do it correctly every time. I have no doubt that this is the most elite foundation I can set for my future!"

Miranda Hoot


"What a great group of people, they couldnt make u feel more welcome and listen when you ask questions or when your explaining what you want and do there best to make it happen. So awesome and hard to find. Thank you yall :)"

Tonya Michelle Fricthman


"The academy is a great place to embark on your hair education. The instructors are well educated and make learning fun."

Kelly Knox


"I Love working at AOHD... Teaching basics is a blast an I love seeing all the progress our students make..I TOTALLY suggest you come an get your hair done here by our amazing students an awesome staff!!!"

Tara Routh