Admissions Procedure

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Pre- Visit Documents

Prior to Enrolling you must complete and submit all forms listed in the section below.

Demonstration of commitment: This will not be a simple, or easy, journey to undertake once you are enrolled at The Academy. Before you can successfully complete your admissions process, you must demonstrate a commitment to successfully complete your education and succeed in a beauty industry career by keeping appointments and completing the admissions and financial aid application requirements on a timely basis during the enrollment process. 

Step one: Complete and submit your financial aid application. (School Code 041444)

Step two: Make an appointment to tour the school (You must show up on time and be dressed in a professional manner)

Step three: Complete an essay, this should include a description of your career and educational goals while attending The Academy of Hair Design. You will need to include a cover page with the following information; First and last name, Address, phone number, and email address.

Step four: Two professional References (name, how you know them, and phone number). 

Step five: Submit (2) pictures, the pictures should be a recent head and shoulder shot of you. Digital Shots

Step six: Upon completion of steps 1-5, our Admissions Director will Email you a letter of acceptance and contact you to set up a time to come in and enroll. (You must bring proof that you have completed the 12th grade, a valid driver's license, and your $100 registration fee.)

Your financial Aid application will automatically be submitted to the school upon completion.

Please email all other pre-visit documentation to

The Academy of Hair Design does not recruit future professionals who are already enrolled in a similar program at another institution. Such Future Professionals must first disengage from that institution before conducting their INTERVIEW section of our Admissions Procedure.

Applicants will not be denied admission on the basis of race, sex, age, religious preference, national origin, color, ethnic origin, marital status or handicap.